Latin with a Tinge of Ballroom


Dear Parents & Families:

Dexter Alvaran is a dance instructor who provides Character Development programs through the medium of dance to students in grades 1 to 8. He started teaching Salsa and other Latin dances at the city of Vaughan 10 years ago. And has since worked with companies such as Join The Dance, to teach, develop, and create new dance programs for schools within the Toronto District and Toronto Catholic District School Boards.


Latin with a Tinge of Ballroom introduces dances such as Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Chacha, Waltz and Tango in a 3 to 10 week program. Shorter programs will include easier dances which are the Merengue, Bachata, and Waltz. The basic dance steps for the Salsa and Chacha will be taught as a warm-up exercise. The program is not just about teaching students how to dance. It develops essential life skills and social skills through partnering with other students. Partner dancing has proven to be a great tool for helping children break down social barriers, develop respect for others, improve self-confidence and communication skills. In addition to learning the basics of Latin and Ballroom dances, participants will learn about the other cultures, enriching literacy and other key academic skills.

Lesson Break-down:

Class #1 - Introduce the Latin Dance Merengue - Basic steps and partner dancing concepts.

Class #2 - Teach Basic Salsa steps for warm-up - Add on to Merengue, proper dance frames

Class #3 - Introduce Ballroom Dancing - Waltz warmup and basic Box Step. Talk about the music styles and cultures that created two very different styles of dancing.

Class #4 - Finish a pattern sequence for the Merengue - Teach the traveling step for the waltz.

Class #5 - Review and refine dance steps, Latin hips VS elegant Waltz. Finish with a line dance - Bachata


We kindly ask for your permission to use any photos or video clips taken during the workshop for a demo/promo video. The video will be less than 1 minute and the focus will be on the instructors teaching the program with the students in the background.

Photos and/or videos will not be shared with the public and will only be shown to teachers/principals in other schools within the Toronto District and Toronto Catholic District School Board as part of our information package about the program. Any students who gets featured on our promo video will receive an opportunity to attend a dance class or workshop near you.

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Kindly indicate a "yes" or "no" on the media consent section if you would like to receive photos of your child taken during the workshops. An email with the viewing link and password will be sent and shared by email if all parents/guardians provide consent. Students without any media release will be excluded from the group during the recording of their dances during the last class. Any media taken will not be posted publicly, this will be for the school teachers and parents exclusive viewing only.